Creating an excellent benefits program for your employees is one way to show them they’re valued and matter. Unfortunately, a lot of companies forego the process of creating a comprehensive benefit plan. In our opinion, this is a grave mistake. Here are five reasons you should invest in dental and vision benefits for your employees.

Better Recruitment and Retention

Around 83% of HR professionals struggle to secure high-quality talent. This should ring alarm bells for most companies. Finding ways to make your company attractive to talented applicants and existing employees should be top-of-mind for business owners. 

While there are many other ways to improve your company’s attractiveness during the recruitment process, having a solid and comprehensive benefits offering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to attract attention from the right candidates.

60% of employees admit benefits are “extremely” important in whether they stay at their jobs, more than 50% of employees have left a position to find a new one with better benefits, and 78% of employees state that company benefits are one of the driving factors for company loyalty. 

Including dental and vision insurance will play a significant role in retaining and recruiting your current and new employees. Some studies suggest health, dental and vision benefits were the three most sought-after benefits. This makes the inclusion of dental and vision benefits good for employees and employers alike.


Mental and physical health account for more than 80% of the productivity drain in the average American business. It’s tough for your employees to create impactful, creative, valuable work when dealing with a toothache, eye strain, or vision-related migraines. Many health issues that affect productivity levels and working performance are directly related to dental and vision issues. 

Some studies even show that “minor” vision issues account for up to 20% productivity loss for people working on computers. Other studies suggest that employees who made dental visits only during dental “problems” were more likely to suffer from reduced activity at work compared to those who had access to routine dental visits.

Dental and vision visits without proper medical insurance can be expensive. This usually leads to avoidance, leading to faster deterioration of your employees’ dental or vision health. These problems directly affect work productivity levels, not to mention increasing financial pressure on your employees. 

Both dental and vision insurance has a direct impact on the overall productivity and engagement of your employees.

Vision Puts You a Step Ahead

Fewer companies offer vision insurance compared to dental insurance. This is an advantage for you when it comes to recruiting. By providing vision and dental insurance, you can move ahead from competitors and stand out better to recruit top employees. 

The great news is that adding vision benefits to your employee health insurance policy usually isn’t that expensive for your company. Still, it is a very highly desired benefit that people look for when applying to different firms. 

When you include both vision and dental benefits, you show current and potential employees that you’re invested in their well-being and that you care about providing them with the most comprehensive health insurance you can offer.

Some insurance plans even offer discounts for employers when you choose to get dental and vision insurance, making this an even sweeter deal for your company. Routine eye checkups can also help with the early detection of various health concerns, from diabetes to stroke risk, and vision problems decrease employee productivity.

Cost Savings

Some insurance plans even offer discounts for employers when you choose to get dental and vision insurance, making this an even sweeter deal for your company. And, because you’re offering both these benefits, you’ll also save your employees money in the long run. 

These kinds of win-win situations for both employers and employees make up part of great company cultures. It isn’t easy to track the entire and exact scope of cost savings provided by vision and dental insurance to employers. But even in limited studies, the cost savings far surpass any investments in these plans.

Dental and vision benefits are two powerful leverage tools in your HR department’s toolbox and can help attract and retain high-performing talents. There’s no reason why your company shouldn’t be exploring these benefits.


At the end of the day, your employees are responsible for keeping your business’s wheels running smoothly. Taking care of your employees means taking care of your business. The two go hand in hand. 

When your employee’s well-being is high, chances are their work effort, and productivity will increase, their morale levels will be high, and their company loyalty will not budge. These are all excellent qualities for employees to have. And they all contribute to a better-oiled company.

If employee well-being is low on your list of business priorities, you may suffer in the long run. Burnout, physical fatigue, sickness, and low morale are just some byproducts of a lack of care for employee well-being. 

You’re investing in your employees and your business’s long-term health by taking the time and effort to create a comprehensive employee health insurance package.

As we mentioned earlier, there is no reason that companies shouldn’t invest in quality dental and vision insurance for their employees. Both these benefits score hugely for employee and talent retention and boost employee loyalty immeasurably.

If you’re interested in improving your employee productivity levels, saving money on your benefits, and increasing talent retention rates, speak to us today about our dental and vision insurance plans for employees.