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Stands for “ preferred provider organization ” that allows the consumer to use any doctor or hospital of their choosing within a network while having the luxury to go outside of that network by paying an additional cost. These plans are typically more expensive and highly coveted because you have more flexibility than other options. No Primary Care Provider (PCP) is required, and no referral is needed to see a specialist. Many states don’t offer these plans on their exchanges.


Stands for “ health maintenance organization ” that requires you to stay within a local network. A PCP is required, and a referral is needed to see a specialist. In most states, if you go out of network, you will not have coverage unless specified on that specific plan. Going out of network will cost you more, and these plans are cheaper than PPOs.


Stands for “exclusive provider organization” usually requires a PCP in most cases, but a referral isn’t needed to see a specialist as long as you stay in-network. Like HMO, if you go out of network, you will pay more for the services rendered.


Stands for “point of service” as it works like an HMO and a PPO. You have a PCP, and you will also need a referral to see a specialist in addition to getting prior authorization or approval for some medical procedures. You can also go out of network, but you will be responsible for most costs.


Let’s face it. We only have one set of teeth, and we should take care of them! Whether it be a simple cleaning or something significant like a crown restoration, PPO Dental can be the perfect plan for you. What better way than with a Nationwide PPO Dental Plan! These plans include but not limited to:

  • Any Dentist Nationwide
  • Preventative coverage like cleanings, topical fluoride, and sealants, etc.
  • Basic coverage like fillings, oral surgeries, tooth extractions, x rays, etc.
  • Major and Orthodontic coverage like root canals, crown restorations, periodontic scaling, braces, etc.
  • $50 individual deductible/$150 for family

Any Exclusions and Limitations will be explained during your free consultation!


We have one set of eyes, and what better way to take care of them than with a PPO Vision plan. PPO Vision includes but not limited to:

  • Exams covered in and out of network
  • $10 copay for lenses
  • $10 copay for frames
  • $10 copay for contacts
  • Customizable additions to lens coverage

Any Exclusions and Limitations will be explained during your free consultation!

Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an integral part of every household, and it shows the love of giving after someone leaves this Earth. Loved ones for decades can pay for college, pay off homes, create businesses, donate to charities, create or maintain great lifestyles, etc.

There are many types of life insurance policies to include term, return of premium, and whole life.

With term life, you select a term period that if the insured becomes deceased in that period, they will receive the face amount of the policy, but if they outlive that term period, then the policy expires unless it is converted to a whole life policy. This option is the cheapest way to get insured while having a large face amount. Return of Premium works just like a term policy, but if you outlive the term, you will get your money back plus interest of approximately 10%, depending on the company. This is more expensive than Term Life but a great option when there is a budget issue.

Whole life is a permanent plan that never ceases, and the cash value continues to build with compounded interest, and in some cases, dividends as well. You can borrow on your policy from the accrued value. This type of plan is costly, and it is always better to start when you are younger, so your rates are locked in at lower rates.

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