Is A POS Plan Right For Me?

Choosing a health insurance plan is a tricky process. You want to ensure you get all the benefits you need, but it is also important to avoid paying too much for benefits you will not use. Many different types of health insurance plans are available, so do your research before choosing one.  The Point of […]

Common Reasons for Health Insurance Claim Denials

A health insurance claims denial is the refusal of an insurance company to pay for a medical service, medication, or procedure that you believe should be covered by your policy. It’s important to understand that every insurance policy is different. Some cover more, and some cover less. Also, there are many reasons why a claim […]

What is Job-Based Healthcare?

When you think of healthcare, you probably picture a doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care facility. But what about your job? The truth is that many people are offered health insurance through their employers. It’s become so normalized that it’s easy for us to forget that this isn’t always the case—that not all companies offer […]

Who Benefits from Each Plan?

With all the different insurance plans out there, it’s essential that you know what makes them different and how to determine the right one for you. In today’s blog, we will discuss the different insurance plans we offer and who benefits from them. PPO Plan PPO, or Preferred Provider Organization plans, are easily one of […]

Is An EPO Plan Right For Me?

With the options you have as someone looking to purchase health insurance, it may be hard to know where to begin. Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) are appropriate for most because it serves as the middle ground in terms of costs and coverage. Whether this plan is right for you will depend on your personal coverage […]

How Do EPO Plans Work?

Every health insurance policy has its own way of operating when it comes to networks, selecting primary care physicians (PCPs), coverage for seeing specialists, and policy costs. The same idea applies to Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans. When compared to others, EPOs are the middle ground in terms of flexibility and costs. How Does Network […]

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