When you think of healthcare, you probably picture a doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care facility. But what about your job?

The truth is that many people are offered health insurance through their employers. It’s become so normalized that it’s easy for us to forget that this isn’t always the case—that not all companies offer health insurance. Some only offer it to certain employees or those who meet specific criteria (like working a certain number of hours), and even if your company does offer health insurance, there are pros and cons to opting in.

While job-based healthcare can be an incredible benefit if you need medical care, it can also be costly—especially if you don’t use it as often as others might expect. This article will look at some of the most common questions about job-based healthcare. We’ll also see how this coverage changes in our current political climate and whether it will stick around much longer.

Why Do We Have Employer-Based Insurance?

The 1940s were a time of significant change for the American healthcare industry. It was a time when the government indirectly incentivized employers to start offering health insurance to workers and made it tax-free so that employers would be more inclined to offer it.

But we’ve come a long way since then! Nowadays, we have many more options available to us as consumers—and while job-based health insurance is still popular among certain demographics, plenty of people don’t want their employer telling them what kind of coverage they can have or where they can go for care.

It’s also important to note that many employers are cutting back on the money they spend on employee benefits. This means fewer companies are offering health insurance, so if you want job-based coverage, it might be worth shopping around before accepting your next position!

Employment-Based Insurance by Industry 

According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 100 million Americans work in the service industry or construction. These industries are growing, and they’re hiring at an all-time high (especially after Covid)—but many Americans who have employer-based insurance aren’t opting in either, citing the premiums as too expensive.

Your Options for Insurance 

If you don’t have employer insurance, you may wonder how to get the necessary coverage. We’re here to tell you that there are options.

Don’t be underinsured—that’s one of the worst things you can do for your health and wallet. But it can be hard to know exactly how much coverage you’ll need if you’re considering switching jobs or starting your own business.

That’s where The Health Insurance Duo comes in! We work with people like you daily, helping them find the right plan for their needs and budget. Our experienced agents will work with you to determine what level of coverage is best for your situation so that you can rest easy, knowing that your health is protected.